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Karl Beckstrand - Writing & Publishing to Young Readers


Award-winning author and college media instructor, Karl Beckstrand, shares steps to captivating children’s book readers. Children will always want stories, but they now have many delivery choices (and children’s books are, perhaps, the most competitive genre). How do you write a children’s book/ebook and get it to your target audience? How do you inspire curiosity? Bestselling bilingual author Karl Beckstrand presents how to develop and hone your story, how to make it stand out, and how to get it to the consumer. He offers tips on what to avoid and shares how to fi nd an agent, illustrator (if self-publishing), and editor. Participants will learn where to fi nd collaborators and publishers, where to convert a book into an ebook, and tips on getting reviews and awards. Come listen to Beckstrand discuss marketing—including to schools, libraries, and non-bookstore venues.

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