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One of the things we wanted to try for our second year's conference was the addition of one-on-one help from experts in book marketing and writing. We brainstormed several ways to make this work out, but finally decided on providing FREE ten-minute consult sessions with authors, marketers, editors, branding specialists, graphic designers, book promoters, and social media experts. 


We felt like a ten-minute session would provide attendees some time to network with experts  in the writing world, talk a bit about where they could use help, and then set up a time to get more in depth assistance at a later date.

We'll have several individuals at the conference who will be available for consults on the following subjects:

  • General marketing

  • Book cover design

  • Social media marketing

  • Branding

  • Back cover copy

  • Editing

  • Business set-up

  • Legal subjects

  • Book promotion

  • Traditional media

The time slots for the ten-minute consults are limited in number and will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis at the conference. Attendees can ask where to sign up for consults at the check-in table.

UBMC 2019 Ten-Minute Consults