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The first symposium for the UBMC is almost here! We have a fantastic cadre of presenters who have prepared classes on subjects from how to write compelling back cover copy to the return on investment for various book marketing strategies. Here is some general information on time, place, and cost. Below you will find a list of presenters and their bios (click HERE), presentations and their descriptions (click HERE), and a button that will take you to registration (click HERE). Here is a link to a PDF version of the presentation schedule (click HERE) and a link to the PDF version of the symposium program (click HERE).

  • When: Friday March 23, 2018

  • Where: Viridian Events Center, 8030 S. 1825 W., West Jordan, UT 

  • Time: 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm

  • Cost: $40 per person (by Mar. 1); $50 per person (after Mar. 1); $25 per vendor table

Utah's 2018 Book Marketing Symposium

Upcoming Symposium!


(in alphabetical order by presenter last name)

Writing & Publishing to Young Readers – Karl Beckstrand

Award-winning author and college media instructor, Karl Beckstrand, shares steps to captivating children's book readers. Children will always want stories, but they now have many delivery choices (and children’s books are, perhaps, the most competitive genre). How do you write a children’s book/ebook and get it to your target audience? How do you inspire curiosity? Bestselling bilingual author Karl Beckstrand presents how to develop and hone your story, how to make it stand out, and how to get it to the consumer. He offers tips on what to avoid and shares how to find an agent, illustrator (if self-publishing), and editor. Participants will learn where to find collaborators and publishers, where to convert a book into an ebook, and tips on getting reviews and awards. Come listen to Beckstrand discuss marketing—including to schools, libraries, and non-bookstore venues. (50-minute session)

Five Secrets to Great Back Cover Copy: Turning Readers From Browsers To Buyers – Julie Coulter Bellon

Besides a professional looking cover, the back cover copy is an author's biggest marketing tool. You want to—NEED to!—capture your audience with a professional and compelling blurb. So many authors dread this part of the process, but this class will show you a step-by-step process to make your back cover copy shine and turn your potential readers from browsers to buyers! Come listen to professional editor, back cover copy writer, and romantic suspense novelist, Julie Coulter Bellon, reveal all the secrets to writing great back cover copy. (50-minute session)

The Publishing Industry: Industry to Reader – Maxwell Alexander Drake

The worst thing about how difficult it is to get a book published is that, once you have a published book, you realize that was the easy part. The hard part is getting your book into the hands of readers. Fans, Book Signings, Fan Conventions, Libraries, Conferences, Reviewers, Critiques, Blogs, Social Marketing, Retail Stores, Interviews… are any of them worth the time, money, or effort? Join award-winning author Maxwell Alexander Drake as he takes you on the journey into the true job of an author – marketing and selling books. (Two 50-minute sessions)

Million Dollar Book Signings – David Farland

New York Times bestselling author, David Farland, will show you how to throw a proper book signing by building a list of followers online, promoting it properly, choosing the right venue, building a public image, planning, and so on. Particularly for middle-grade and picture-book authors, this can help launch a major writing career. David once held the Guinness Record for the world's largest book signing (50-minute session).

Seven Secrets to an Award-Winning Book Cover: The Science Behind a Good Book Cover – Brian Halley

Authors spend a lifetime researching, writing, and improving their craft to be good enough to spell out an idea, story, training, or experience. However, they overlook one huge aspect of the book, the cover design. Learn the Seven Secrets to an Award-Winning book cover design so you can make the right decisions when you hire a designer to do your own award-winning book cover. Join professional graphic artist and book cover designer, Brian Halley, as he teaches how to make your book cover shine. (50-minute session)

Using Your Mailing List to Increase Your Sales, Fanbase, and Reviews – Elana Johnson

In today's book selling market, finding and accessing fans is ABSOLUTELY critical. Hands-down one of the best ways to do this is through your mailing list. Come learn how to build your newsletter list and then use that warm audience to turn readers into super fans and your best reviewers. See how your mailing list, along with other marketing tools, can help you increase your sales no matter where you are in your writing career. (50-minute session)

How to Successfully Market Non-fiction: Five Things that All Non-Fiction Writers Need to Know – Abel Keogh

Believe it or not, marketing non-fiction books is easier and more straightforward than marketing fiction. With more tools at your disposal, you can quickly identify your target audience and figure out the most effective way to reach them. In this class, fiction and non-fiction author, Abel Keogh, will teach you five tips and tricks that can help you build your audience and keep your non-fiction books selling for years to come. (50-minute session)

Build Your Amazon Author Brand – Heather B. Moore

Build your Amazon author brand by utilizing Author Central, increasing your number of Amazon reviews, categorizing your book properly, putting in the right key words into your book description, brand blasting, increasing your followers, creating a reader magnet and call to action, and deciding if Kindle Unlimited is right for you. USA Today bestselling author, book entrepreneur, and master marketer, Heather B. Moore teaches how building your Amazon brand will help get your stories into the hands of more readers. (50-minute session)

How to Sell Books on Auto Pilot (AKA: Newsletter Automation) – Andrea Pearson

Are you an author or writer who wants to learn more about newsletter automation sequences and set-it-and-forget-it tactics? Come learn from the pro herself! Successful indie author Andrea Pearson will teach a drip campaign that will sell your books for years. Your key to converting readers into fans is here! (50-minute session)

The ROI of Book Marketing – Lareen Strong

You’ve spent countless hours writing, editing, and publishing your book. Learn through this interactive workshop how to calculate your Return On Investment and NOT spend more money marketing your book than you can afford. Explore how to get your money's worth with 20-plus-year digital and print marketing veteran and current Director of Marketing for Gibbs Smith Publisher, Lareen Strong. (50-minute session)

Market Using Your Fans’ Creativity – Nikki Trionfo

Reading a blockbuster book takes, what, 5 hours? Add in the time consuming the series and movies and you’re up to 150 hours. So that’s how long you’ve spent with Harry Potter, right? Wrong. Your nephew plays Potter piano music. Your daughter practices spells. Good marketing gives readers a heads up that a book is available, but great marketing allows readers to expand the essence of the story, use it, and make it their own. Even with a small budget, you can market with an eye toward User-Generated Content (UGC), which encourages your fans to build within the worlds you create. Let your fans make your worlds bigger, more fun, and ultimately more valuable to your bottom line. Director of Public Relations for the annual Storymakers Conference, Nikki Trionfo, teaches a unique approach to fan-based book marketing. (50-minute session)